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Raptor Service


You will find all the Raptor services in the Raptor Support site. In the site, they provide after-sales support for their clients. This site also provides a lot of resources so that the clients can solve the problems on their own and do their own peer-to-peer networking so that the clients can develop their skills and they can create professional relationships.


They have a simple philosophy for their customer support. They want customers to know that they are not just passive recipients of substantial information whenever they need services from Raptor services. They want their costumers to become active participants in the process of solving their problems. They want to give the right amount of resources to their customers as well as the proper environment so that they will understand and perform the process properly. They always look for new and different kinds of web technologies and domain names to provide full support to their clients. They have four major methods to support their philosophy of providing support for their clients. These key support methods are:

Helpdesk System

This has been used for a long time already. This used to be a stand-alone system. At present, it is now an integrated component. The helpdesk system is very helpful to clients because it is an excellent means to deliver the case-manage support that provides for the complex needs of the clients. This is an integrated system that gives the clients the environment of problem solving process so that they can solve the problems themselves. Australian income protection is an important key method to fulfill the support method of Raptor services.

Written Resources

One of the standard practices of Raptor that they have been using for a very long time already are using FAQ’s, written tutorials and user guides. They still keep on producing these key methods of support up until now. These are very effective methods for the customers, which is why these are still widely used until now. This is a very important method of support that is a part of the philosophy of support of Raptor services. Life Insurance New Zealand


They also have peer-to-peer forums which is the backbone of most support systems. For customers who wants to connect with other clients and have the feel of being in a real seminar for learning the process, this is the key method that is best for them. This is an extension to their core method of support service. The role of this key method is different from the helpdesk method. And everything is for free – you don’t need your credit card to use their help forums. Funeral Insurance Australia

Video Tutorials

They also provide video tutorial for those clients who are more visual. There are clients who will understand instructions easier if they look at videos, and this method is going to be a big help. Trauma insurance Australia

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